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Notes to Future Goldendoodle Parents

Ohio Golden Doodles

The Breeder

To anyone considering purchasing a puppy, make sure you are purchasing from an experienced breeder. This means your breeder should be able to educate you about all the traits of a Goldendoodle. They should be able to answer any questions and concerns that are related to the health of your new puppy long after you are home. You’ll find many people breeding doodles these days; making sure you’re purchasing from the right breeder is important. After all, this pup is going to become part of your family!

Fur-Ever Home

Sadly, I have seen too many Goldendoodles end up in shelters or with owners wanting to rehome their dogs. Please take the purchase of your pup seriously, as I want every single one of my pups to go to their forever home!

Health of the Pup

They need to be vet-checked. Many breeders say shots have been given (this means they give the shots, with no vet check). Unless they have been checked by a vet, you do not know what you are buying. Any puppy could look healthy and have something wrong with it.

Adoption Process

After submitting your application, feel free to text or email us at (330) 418‑0886 or lee@ohiogoldendoodles.com

After contacting us, the next step will be to place a $300 deposit. This will hold your place in line.

Pups are chosen in the order that deposits are received.

“This advice is my opinion only. I am not a vet, but I have a good reputation as a breeder. (I only breed Goldendoodles, not any other dog.) I take my pups to see our vet at six weeks. They are checked over, and they receive their shots from our vet. We do purchase worming medication from our vet, so we can safely deworm them ourselves. This way, we are not exposing them to unnecessary germs.
Not to mention they come from a loving home, are well kept, and have had a wonderful first 8 weeks where they are socialized, have much interaction with our other dogs, and have many learning toys to play with! Happy pups make happy families!”
-Lee Kenny
Ohio Goldendoodles

Ohio Golden Doodles