All of our breeding dogs undergo genetic testing and we are glad to provide proof of the results. We have a 2 year health guarantee against serious- life threatening genetic defects. We never require that your pup be returned to us.  

Allergy Friendly
While some doodles are allergy friendly, others are not.  Please let us know if you have someone in your home with allergies.  We don’t want to place a dog with you that you cannot keep.  

Spay/Neuter Agreement
Your pup will need to be spayed/neutered by the age of 6-10 months.

No spay/Neuter Contract
Any pup sold for breeding will fall under a separate breeding contract.

F1 Standard Goldendoodles         $2,500- with a non-breeding contract
F1 Mini Goldendoodles                      $2,500- with a non-breeding contract

(Pups expected to arrive winter of 2018)

We use a puppy nanny that will fly with your pup to your local airport. Charges for this service is seperate from the price of your pup. This service will be quoted to you upon request. 

Upon approval, we will require a deposit of $300.00 to reserve your puppy. (Please note:deposits are non-refundable). Pups are chosen in the order deposits are received.

Rehome Policy
It is very important to us that our pups never end up homeless or in a shelter.  If you find that you can no longer provide care for your pup, we will take the pup back and help to find a suitable home for him.

Purchasing a Puppy
If you are interested in purchasing a puppy from us, please complete an application on this site. We want to ensure that our puppies are going to forever and loving homes.