Before your purchase of a GoldenDoodle

A few rules to follow before contacting a breeder about a GoldenDoodle puppy… Ok, maybe there are more than a few. 🙂

1. Clear it with your Spouse/Significant Other/ Partner/Roommate before calling breeder.

2- Clear it with your LANDLORD first!!!

3- Make sure that your whole family is on board.

4. Make sure no one is allergic to dogs. Some are more hypo-allergenic than others and may not pose a risk but it’s better to know beforehand.

5- Make sure that you ALREADY have the money to pay for the puppy before you start contacting breeders about a specific puppy, even if you have to save for years before you start looking!!!

6- Make sure that you are able to afford to feed, groom and vet a puppy throughout it’s whole life!!

7- Make sure that you research and KNOW what the breed is like and if it will suit your family!!

8- Make sure that you have the time necessary to give a puppy!!

9- Make sure that you are WILLING and able to put the effort into training and socializing a puppy!!

9- DO NOT count on your children (even your teenage child) to take care of the puppy, consider it to be YOUR responsibility and then train them to care for it, but understand that you are and always will be the one responsible!

10- Make sure that you can make a LIFETIME commitment to a puppy…if you would be willing to rehome a dog in the future because you move, don’t have time for it, have a baby, didn’t know it would get so big,  it gets too old, the dog is too active but you aren’t willing to exercise and train it, etc. etc. etc….then PLEASE…DON”T get a puppy!!!!!